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Harvard UTS (University of Technology in Sydney)

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Harvard UTS (University of Technology in Sydney)

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2016-04-19 10:58

Accessed: 2016-04-19

Distinctive Features:
The author's last name, the year of publication, and the page numbers cited are used for in-text citations. The bibliography is sorted alphabetically. In the bibliography Citavi replaces repeated author names with dashes.

Usage notes:
  1. When citing a preface, introduction, or foreword contributed by someone other than the author of the publication, add this reference as a Contribution in collected work.
  2. If a work has been edited, compiled, revised, or translated, but the author's role remains of primary importance, add this work as a Collected Work. Enter the appropriate abbreviation (ed., eds, trans., rev., comp. or comps) in Custom field 1 and the editors, compilers, revisers, or translators in the Editor field.
  3. The abbreviation in Custom field 1 will work in most other reference types as well. In edited books, the standard text "ed."/"eds" will be replaced if an abbreviation is found in Custom field 1. In in-text citations, the abbreviation will be displayed before the author's name, and in the bibliography, it will be shown in parentheses after the author's name.
  4. If the cited journal for a journal article forms part of a series, enter the series title in the Title supplement field.
  5. For reviews in periodicals, add the description of what is being reviewed in Custom field 2.
  6. If you obtained a Journal Article or a Newspaper Article from an electronic database, enter the available information (name of database service or provider, name of database, item number) in Custom field 3.
  7. Acts and ordinances should be entered as Statute or regulation in edited book, while regulations, bills before parliament, and other forms of delegated legislation should be added as Statute or regulation in a periodical.
  8. Enter references to electronic mail lists, Usenet groups, or bulletin boards as Internet Documents. Insert the author's identifying details (e.g. email address) into Custom field 1.

Technical information:
To use the style, download it and save the file in the folder Citavi 5\Custom Citation Styles.
Harvard UTS.ccs
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Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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