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Citavi Beta 5.0.9 [Archive]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi Beta 5.0.9 [Archive]

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2015-05-13 07:48

What you should know about beta versions
The purpose of a beta version is to find bugs before an update release. A beta version can be used with real projects, but make sure to backup your projects regularly.

There is no such thing as software without errors and that applies to Citavi as well!
We naturally want to find and eliminate as many bugs as possible, and kindly request that you help us in this endeavour by installing Citavi 5 beta versions. Do everything that you've done up until now and try out any new features. Let us know here in this forum about errors or anything that strikes you as strange.

We're grateful für every reported bug and for any other feedback you would like to share with us!

Improved Features:
  • In the PDF preview you can now press the spacebar to use pan mode.

Changed Features:
  • Citavi no longer automatically enters an automatically determined lanaguage in the Language field.
  • The Citavi pane now automatically opens in the Word Add-In

Resolved Bugs:
  • Citavi 5 could not convert Citavi 4 projects if special characters appeared in the user settings ("SQL error" message)
  • Citavi 5 could not convert Citavi 4 projects if invalid ID values were present ("Invalid GUID" error)
  • Citavi 5 could not convert Citavi 4 projects if invalid RTF cold was present in formattable text fields ("Unknown file format" error)
  • Citavi 5 could not convert Citavi 4 projects if the client of a cloud synchronization service was not fully uninstalled ("Illegal characters in path" error)
  • Changes could not be saved if keywords for a quotation were not alphabetically sorted ("Requested value 'Keywords' was not found" error)
  • Writer documents could not be formated with Citavi 5 if Microsoft Office was not installed on the computer.
  • Opening an image quotation in PDF format led to an "illegal parameter" error.
  • The Duplicates search returned false positives.
  • When searching licensed databases Citavi did not use the saved access information.
  • DOI names with unusual character combinations (for example, 10.1002/1615-4169(200201)344:1<17::AID-ADSC17>3.0.CO;2-8) were not recognized as DOI names.
  • The online search in the IEEE database returned incorrect results.
  • Importing chapters in edited books from PubMed led to an error.
  • The import filter for RIS files from Reference Manager did not correct Reference Manager mappiong errors for edited books and internet documents.
  • When exporting private collections to BibTeX the location was exported as {Location/Call number} or {Location/} if no call number was present.
  • The Quote command settings were sometimes not transferred to the TeX-Editor

The Picker Family
  • The Firefox Picker did not send results from Google Scholar to open projects.
  • The Firefox Picker slowed down the speed of some websites.

Word Add-In
  • The Word Add-In did not work in Word 2007.
  • If the quotation page range and numbering type were entered in Citavi, they could not be changed in the Word Add-In.
  • If the user selected a referene and began typing the page numbers, "Other" was shown as the default numbering type.
  • In the APA citation style, author names were not abbreviated if the citations appeared as a multiple citation.
  • Categories were not inserted in the correct order in the Word document.

Citavi for DBServer
  • While importing local projects in a DBServer database, too many folders were created.

This version is no longer available.

Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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