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Citavi 5 Beta 3 - 6 [Archive]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi 5 Beta 3 - 6 [Archive]

Postby Peter Meurer » 2015-04-07 12:53

What you should know about beta versions
The purpose of a beta version is find bugs remaining after the preview phase. A beta version can be used with real projects, but make sure to backup your projects regularly.

There is no such thing as software without errors and that applies to Citavi as well!
We naturally want to find and eliminate as many bugs as possible, and kindly request that you help us in this endeavour by installing Citavi 5 beta versions. Do everything that you've done up until now with Citavi 4 and try out the new features in Citavi 5. Let us know about errors or anything that strikes you as strange. You can either post here in the forum or you can use the feedback form that appears as a link on the Citavi 5 welcome screen.
We're grateful für every reported bug and for any other feedback you would like to share with us!

Changes to Citavi 5 Beta 2
  • New: Groups can be assigned on the Context and Quotation tabs.
  • New: Keyboard shortcut for accessing the search bar from within a text in the Preview pane: Ctrl+Shift+F3.
  • New: Keyboard shortcut for opening and closing the search bar in the Preview pane: Ctrl+F3.
  • New (Beta 6): Picker setup now supports Adobe Reader DC.
  • Fixed: Highlights in PDF files were not always transparent.
  • Fixed: Mouse wheel scrolling could not always be activated in PDF documents.
  • Fixed: Exported PDF highlights were not always displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: Entering text into the Notes field did not work correctly when the field was edited in the Preview pane.
  • Fixed: Changes on the Reference tab were not immediately displayed on the Overview tab.
  • Fixed: The Type of thesis field (= TitleSupplement) did not appear in the drop-down list in the Advanced Search.
  • Fixed: Groups were ordered randomly in the Knowledge Organizer.
  • Fixed: Online addresses were not displayed after converting a Citavi 2 project to Citavi 5.
  • Fixed: EndNote imports were not correct if subtitles contained styles.
  • Fixed: Image quotations were not moved to the RecycleBin folder when deleted.
  • Fixed (Beta 4): The new beta version also corrects the problem that it sometimes was not possible to perform an update from within Citavi.
  • Fixed (Beta 5): Error that caused Citavi not to create backups.
  • Changed: After a Picker import from a Datacite source the import folder was labeled "datacite".
Citavi for DBServer
  • New: A backup of the database can be made through a dedicated feature.
  • Fixed: Local projects could not be imported under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: When trying to open a CTVDB5 file via File > Open project, the error message "Unknown format" was displayed.
  • Changed: Project managers can no longer change their own role.
Word Add-In
  • Fixed: Contents were not updated in the 64-bit version of the Word Add-In.
  • Fixed: Page numbers were not always added when using the "Insert advanced" feature.
  • Fixed: The options "Person (Year)" AND "No parentheses" did not work.
  • Fixed (Beta 4): If you were working with a Word document created with Citavi 4 in one of the Citavi 5 preview or beta versions and were using a citation style that displayed quotation page ranges, the page ranges could disappear under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed (Beta 5): Problem that caused the Word Add-In to load projects extremely slowly.
Citavi 5 Beta can be installed parallel to Citavi 4 - with one important exception: The Word Add-In cannot be used with both Citavi 4 and Citavi 5. Make sure to select This feature will not be available if you want to continue working with the Citavi 4 Word Add-In.

The Pickers are compatible with Citavi 4 and Citavi 5. If you install the Citavi 5 Picker, it will also work with Citavi 4.

If you accidentally installed Citavi 5 with the Word Add-In but want to continue using the Citavi 4 Word Add-In, close all other programs, uninstall Citavi 5 and reinstall Citavi 4. During the Citavi 4 installation make sure that the Word Add-In will also be installed. If necessary, select This feature, and all subfeatures, will be installed on local hard drive.

Did you previously install Preview 2?
If so, please take the following steps before installing Citavi 5 Beta:
  • Uninstall the preview version.
  • Delete the contents of the folder \Documents\Citavi 5\Settings.
  • Double check the sub-folders for your test projects: Rename all folders with the name "Attachments" to "Citavi Attachments".

This version is no longer available.

Peter Meurer
Citavi Customer Service

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