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Unable to create database connection Topic is solved

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Unable to create database connection

Postby bcoppens » 2016-08-01 15:02

System information: [ Citavi Version 5.2, Windows 7, English, Internet Explorer 10-11, -, - ]


I try to create a DB connection.
Our DBA created a database for us (called CitaviDB) and setup a user who has the db_owner role.

When I want to create the connection, I got the following error message:

CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'

Could you please help?


Re: Unable to create database connection

Postby Sebastian Pabel » 2016-08-02 13:26

Dear Benoit,

I'm not entirely sure at which step in the process the issue occurs. Is it right that your admistrator has set up the database using the Citavi DB Manager on a full size Microsoft SQL Server according to this procedure and you now want to create one or more Citavi Projects in that database ("CitaviDB")?

According to the error message you are trying to create a whole new database. Could you please quickly specify at which step exactly the error occurs and if user management is handled through Active Directory or through individual SQL users? Thanks.

Best regards

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Sebastian Pabel
Site Admin

Re: Unable to create database connection

Postby bcoppens » 2016-08-02 14:00

Hi Sebastian,

The error happens when I want to create a connection.
But the behavior a little bit different compared to yesterday.

I enter the connection details - see screenshot 1.
I test the connection via the "Advanced" button - see screenshot 2 - connection is successful
I want to select the already existing DB but not working today - the list is empty - see screenshot 3
But I know the DB exists - see screenshot 4

Entering connection details
Successful connection test
Unable to select existing DB

Re: Unable to create database connection

Postby bcoppens » 2016-08-02 14:01

Adding the 4th attachment
DB details from SQL Server Studio

Re: Unable to create database connection  Topic is solved

Postby bcoppens » 2016-08-04 09:22

Issue has been solved with support.
The DB must be created by Citavi DBServer Manager using a user having the DBCreator role or by a DBA using the script available on

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