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Citavi 4 Preview 3 [Archived]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi 4 Preview 3 [Archived]

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2013-02-15 11:33

We're very excited to share the third preview release of Citavi 4 and want to thank all of the users who gave us their feedback on the first two previews. We couldn't have done this without you!

Before you install, please note:
  • Citavi 4 requires the most recent .NET framework, .NET 4.5. Since Microsoft does not offer this Framework for Windows XP, you cannot use Citavi 4 under Windows XP.
  • Please see the following Microsoft article for additional information: ... pport.aspx

If you installed Citavi 4 Preview 1 or Citavi 4 Preview 2 in the past:
  • Word documents created with Preview 1 or Preview 2 cannot be edited with Preview 3.
  • Earlier preview versions must be uninstalled before you install Citavi 4 Preview 3. Please see this guide.

New Features Since Preview 2:
  • Complete overhaul of the Add-In for Word: better performance, new features, and many bug fixes.
  • Citavi now supports a higher screen resolution ("120 DPI" or "125%").
  • Citavi can now be displayed in Spanish (under Tools > Change language).
  • Search and replace is available for text fields.
  • Knowledge items can be automatically sorted.
  • If names are entered in the order "first name last name", Citavi automatically changes the order to "last name, first name".
  • Gender can be added to author names. This is necessary for certain citation styles. This field will be automatically filled-in based on the first name when Citavi 3 projects are converted.
  • Linked files can be renamed from within Citavi.
  • The list of references can be filtered by titles that no longer have a linked file.
  • The list of references can be filtered by rating (stars).
  • The Citation Style Editor includes the option to automatically define prefixes and suffixes. This allows you to automatically use "cf" or "see" for indirect quotations.
  • The Citation Style Editor now stores programmed conditions centrally. When added once, conditions can simply be applied to other reference types using a checkbox.
  • Additional conditions have been added to the Citation Style Editor
  • In the Citation Style Editor, provided conditions and self-created conditions can now be combined.
  • The Citation Style Editor now includes programmable components. These can be used to fulfill highly complex citation style rules.
  • The Citation Style Editor now offers additional options for page ranges and places of publication.

Improvements Since Preview 2:
  • The Picker for Google Chrome has been improved
  • In Citavi's Online Search, libraries can now be added more quickly.
  • Multiple places of publication can now be added using semicolons and autocomplete. This also improves BibTeX exports.
  • The Citation Style Editor includes a more intuitive user interface
Many additional improvements

This preview is an early version to show new features as they are being developed, still early enough in the process to consider feedback regarding look and feel, but potentially with significant bugs. It should not be used with important data. New features can introduce new bugs of their own, so please post if you find one.

This version is no longer available.

Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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