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From Citavi 4 preview 2 to Citavi 3

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From Citavi 4 preview 2 to Citavi 3

Postby pharaoh » 2013-01-25 04:44

I would like to import back a file from Citavi 4 to Citavi 3. I kjnow that I can use RIS format and doing the job, but this would mean losing the citations linked to the bibliographic data, if I am correct about it.
As far as I see I cannot export the original Citavi 4 file back to Citavi 3.

Any correction or help about it will be appreciated.

Roberto Gozzoli

Re: From Citavi 4 preview 2 to Citavi 3

Postby Patrick Hilt » 2013-01-25 10:14

Buongiorno Roberto,

Unfortunately it is not possible to convert a database from the Citavi 4 format back to Citavi 3.

Would you mind telling my why you want to go back? Is it the new Italian version in Citavi 3? You will also find it in Citavi 4 Preview 3, but I cannot tell you yet when it will be released.


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Patrick Hilt
Citavi Customer Service

Re: From Citavi 4 preview 2 to Citavi 3

Postby pharaoh » 2013-01-25 11:43

I have created a new citation style, but it gives me problems, I sent the report to citavi bug yesterday. This is in Citavi 4. The Chrome picker seems it is not working in Citavi 4, and the fact that I have to manually format the bibliography as the citation I had created did not stick with MS Word has let me think about downgrading. But I understand that it is better and I stick with version 4/2 and wait for preview 3.

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