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What’s the best approach to setting up projects?

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What’s the best approach to setting up projects?

Postby sandcarver » 2012-09-09 23:22

System information: [ Citavi Version 3.2, Windows 7, English, Other browser, MS Office 2010 32Bit, Acrobat X ]

I only came across Citavi a couple of days ago and like what I see of it from reading the User Manual and looking at the trial database. But I am uncertain what would be the best approach for setting up Citavi Projects and would appreciate learning from others’ experience.

I can appreciate that it would be useful having only those references in a Citavi Project that are relevant to any particular writing project (book, article) but many of those references, as well as others, will be used again for other writing projects and will presumably find their way into other Citavi Projects. My total collection of references would thus be scattered over multiple Citavi Projects, making it difficult to retrieve when I start a new writing project.

The only plausible solution I can see would be to have one Global Citavi Project which would contain all references and then copy those references pertinent to a new Citavi Project used to support a new writing project. Of course, any new references discovered through research would need to be added to both the Citavi Project used to support the writing project I am working on at the time and to the Global Citavi Project. This seems like a little bit of duplicated effort, but is it the recommended approach?

Re: What’s the best approach to setting up projects?

Postby Peaty » 2012-09-10 06:54

Dear Sandcarver,

I only use a single project for all my over 2000 references as well. I know that many people use categories for their subprojects or individual articles or chapters. I tried setting up a category three for my thesis, but in the end found it unsatisfactory because I changed the structure a lot. But that's not a Citavi-related problem, I guess. I find that using keywords works best for me.

Thorsten Brato

Re: What’s the best approach to setting up projects?

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2012-09-10 14:27

Dear Sandcarver,

Thanks for your question! We have a Knowledge Base article that addresses this exact issue: ... jects.aspx

As Thorsten writes, there are a lot of users who only have one project and then use categories or keywords to keep track of which references belong to a particular publication. Alternatively, you can create an individual project for each publication you create.

You're absolutely right that trying to include all of your references in an individual project and a global project would require a lot of duplicated effort. For that reason, we would recommend having just one large project and then working with categories or keywords to keep your different publications organized.

We've had a lot of users request that all references saved in a project should automatically also be saved in a global or life project. We will be seriously considering adding this feature to an upcoming version of Citavi.

Best regards,
Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

Re: What’s the best approach to setting up projects?

Postby sandcarver » 2012-09-10 23:05

Thank you for your quick response.

After thinking about it some more, I am warming to the option of creating separate Citavi Projects for different writing projects. I have nearly 3,000 references in a database I will need to import into Citavi and will quite possible use that Citavi Project to support a book I am working on. This will be my global project and I may begin future writing projects by copying pertinent references from my global project to a new project. That seems to be quite easy to do in Citavi.

Having the ability to add a new reference to a project and have it saved automatically to a global or life project would be a useful feature and one I would welcome.

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