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Archive: Citavi Beta 3.1.27

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Archive: Citavi Beta 3.1.27

Postby Antonio Tejada » 2011-12-16 09:58

The following features are new or improved:
  1. The sort order of project bibliographies now follows the order in the Reference Editor, not the order defined in the citation style.
  2. The search box in the Publication Assistant is now mapped to Ctrl+E, not Ctrl+F, to match the Go to box in the Reference Editor.
  3. When opening the Publication Assistant, the insertion point is automatically placed in the search box.
  4. In large team projects, refreshing changes made by other users is now much faster.
  5. Citavi's handling of right-to-left scripts (e.g. Arabic and Hebrew) is improved. We are looking for subject experts to help us test this.
  6. In the Reference Editor, when filtering the list of references by category, keyword, or label, any new references created are automatically given the same category, keyword, or label.
  7. The person editor window for authors, editors, and other persons or organizations now lets you rearrange persons by dragging or pressing Ctrl+up arrow and Ctrl+down arrow
  8. Citavi displays a warning when inserting large images into text knowledge items.
  9. Go to category shows the results more clearly.
  10. Go to reference recognizes sequence numbers by using a "#" as a prefix, e.g. #34 switches you to the reference with the sequence number 34, while # 12 13 14 applies a selection containing the references with the sequence numbers 12, 13, and 14.
  11. Go to reference now searches the field Number so that, for example, patent numbers are matched.
  12. Tasks on the Tasks & locations tab are now sorted by due date first, then by task name.
  13. In templates for citation keys and BibTeX keys, the field Access date is now available.
  14. Automatic date formatting in citation styles can now handle styles that call for only a month and year in dates (e.g. "May 2010").
  15. When selecting the folder for user files, Citavi detects existing Citavi folder structures and automatically selects the correct folder.

The following bugs have been resolved:
  1. Some Web pages caused an error when saving a copy as PDF.
  2. References with more than 10 autors or editors were not displayed correctly in the navigation pane.
  3. Citavi project backups could not be opened with the built-in ZIP feature in Windows XP.
  4. The name of the Content tab did not turn blue if the Abstract, Table of contents, and Evaluation fields contained only pasted images.
  5. In projects created with the Copy or move to a Citavi project feature, the references were not sorted.
  6. Changing the preferred order of libraries did not always work correctly.
  7. When Windows was set to use larger type or when using certain non-Latin scripts, Citavi saved unwanted text formatting (font and size), and the Format > Reset all command in the editor window did not always reset the formatting correctly.
  8. In the formatted preview of the current reference, and in table view, labels were not properly disabled in read-only projects.
  9. Line breaks defined in a citation style (e.g. Punctuation before) were being outputted as new paragraphs instead of line breaks.
  10. In the Search, the list of Equivalent characters was sometimes empty. The first time this version of Citavi is run, it checks this list and resets it to the default list if the list is empty.
  11. An error sometimes occured when entering CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters in the Abstract or Quotation editor windows.
  12. Color management was not activated correctly in the PDF preview.
  13. When Microsoft Word 2010 workgroup templates were stored on a network share, Citavi could not communicate correctly with Word.

This is a beta of an upcoming update for Citavi. It contains bug fixes as well as new features. New features can introduce new bugs of their own, so please post if you find one.

This version is no longer available.

Antonio Tejada
Citavi Customer Service

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