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Ignore dashes when trying to add Cover by ISBN

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Ignore dashes when trying to add Cover by ISBN

Postby Markstar » 2014-07-17 11:04

I just installed Citavi (coming from Zotero( and the program does indeed feel nice. However, there is one silly thing that I have noticed right away:

Adding a reference by ISBN is no problem and downloads all the information correctly (so far) and stored the ISBN-Number in the appropriate field, regardless of whether the ISBN included dashes or not. However, if you search for the cover art, no cover can be found if the ISBN was added with the dashes (which means that the ISBN has been saved with them as well).

Manually removing the dashes and then searching again works, so this is just a matter for the search engine to ignore these dashes - which really should not be all that hard to implement. After all, you have already done this for the reference search! :)

Kind regards,

Re: Ignore dashes when trying to add Cover by ISBN

Postby Sebastian Pabel » 2014-07-17 15:35

Hi Markus,

thank you for making us aware of that problem. We are currently working to fix it and will post an update here when the issue is resolved.

Kind regards
Sebastian Pabel
Site Admin

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