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Buttons for navigating long reference lists

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Buttons for navigating long reference lists

Postby skittle » 2014-04-25 10:37


I use only one project in Citavi so my references lists are very long (4500+). The scroll bar is pretty much useless for such lists. I tend to use search. But it would be amazing if, in addition to the scroll bar, there was a way to nagivate by the first letter of the author's name, or the first letter of the article title. I'm thinking of an interface a bit like in some smartphone address books where there is a list of letters down one side and you can zoom to that letter by clicking on it.


Re: Buttons for navigating long reference lists

Postby Patrick Hilt » 2014-04-25 10:52

Hi skittle,

There are several possibilities to search for information in Citavi:

- If the cursor is placed in the references column and you simply start typing, you will immediately be taken to the first author that starts with the letters you typed.
- If you press CTRL+E, your search is limited to the fields in the title tab.
- The normal search (CTRL+F) will search in all fields, including knowledge items, keywords and the like.

Best regards

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