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Editing notes

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Editing notes

Postby sorenhou » 2014-02-13 14:12

This might be a bit difficult to explain.

When editing a references notes you only have a small window to see the notes.

Wish no 1: Make the window customizable.
It would be nice to be able to read it all without scrolling.

Wish no 2: When going from one reference to another after you've scrolled to the bottom of the notes section it should jump to the top of the section. When changing between references the focus stays in the bottom of the notes section.

Hope you understand.

- Søren

Re: Editing notes

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2014-03-03 18:59

Dear Søren,

Thanks so much for these suggestions! I will add them to our wish list for new features.

Best regards,
Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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