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Draging of items

PostPosted: 2013-11-05 15:58
by sorenhou
It would be nice to be able to drag files (PDF/WORD/PPT) from the item field under the reference tab to emails.
That way it would be easy to attach references to mails and share.

As I understand it now you have to find the file in the Citavi Files folder, and attach it from there.

Re: Draging of items

PostPosted: 2013-11-07 09:41
by Peter Meurer
Dear Sorenhou

There is a simpler way to email attachments:

On the References menu, click Send reference by email. Citavi starts your email program and creates a new message with the bibliographic information for the reference. The information is also exported as a RIS file and attached to the message. The recipient can import the bibliographic information using the RIS file. Files attached to a reference are also added as an attachment to the email. ( ... email.html)

Kind regards,