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"Open with" for PDFs

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"Open with" for PDFs

Postby aanon » 2013-05-06 02:37

Hi there, I wonder whether it would be possible to add an "open with" option when opening PDFs from the Preview area?

I use one program (Acrobat) for general reading (and also pre-reading steps like generating automatic bookmarks, fixing page sizes etc.), and another PDF program (Bluebeam) for when I'm reading on my tablet and want to do lots of pen annotations. At the moment I accomplish this by using the "Open folder in Windows Explorer"* option from the Reference tab, then finding my file, then using Windows' "open with" function. This is quite slow.

Could Citavi use the general "open with" function from Windows, or perhaps allow the user to specify a number of preferred programs in Options?

Thanks for considering my request,


* a secondary suggestion: may I also suggest it would be simpler to use if this option was "show file in folder" (ie. the folder opens with the file selected) rather than just "open folder"

Re: "Open with" for PDFs

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2013-05-06 11:47

Hi aanon,

Thanks for your suggestion! This makes a lot of sense, and I have added it to our wish list for new features.

As far as the option name is concerned, since Citavi doesn't actually highlight the file in the folder I'm guessing that's why this name was chosen. It would a lot more elegant for the file to also be highlighted when the folder is opened.

Best regards,
Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

Re: "Open with" for PDFs

Postby aanon » 2013-05-07 06:41

Thanks Jennifer,

Yes, I meant to suggest that it would be a good idea for Citavi to highlight the file in the folder, as you said. This function already appears in some other programs (eg. Internet Download Manager, Mendeley) so hopefully it is not too complicated.

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