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Remove line breaks Topic is solved

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Remove line breaks

Postby aanon » 2013-04-30 06:47


I'm enjoying using Citavi daily. One of the things that slows me down most, however, is when saving selections from PDF files as abstracts or quotations. Often when copying from a PDF, I will get superfluous line breaks, like in this example:

"In addition, people of the village can inspect the
work and the progress of projects, especially for road construction and road
reclamation. If the work was not done completely or correctly, the people have the
right to complain. This kind of administration is far more transparent and it invites
the local people to choose the projects for their community and to observe how they
are carried out."

At the moment I have to paste quotes into Word and then remove line breaks using search and replace, or edit them within Citavi. I know this is not the fault of Citavi. However, I wonder whether the developers might consider adding a simple "remove line breaks" button, or a "paste text without line breaks" option to assist users and save time? This happens with many of my PDF files, so I assume other users suffer the same problem?

All the best!

Re: Remove line breaks  Topic is solved

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2013-04-30 08:06

Hi aanon,

Thanks so much for your wish list entry! Fortunately, this option is already available in Citavi. Simply highlight the text of your quotation in the Quotation window, and then click Format > Remove paragraphs and tabs:

We're glad to hear that you like using Citavi!

Freundliche Grüsse
Jennifer Schultz
Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

Re: Remove line breaks

Postby aanon » 2013-04-30 12:44

Well, that is just superb!

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