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Keeping the Knowledge Item window visible

PostPosted: 2013-04-03 16:45
by julia96154
Hi. Please forgive me if this request has been raised before.

When I'm in the middle of creating a knowledge Item, such as a comment or a summary, I often need to highlight a section of text in a PDF file open in the preview pane in order to copy it into the knowledge item. Unfortunately, when I do this the knowledge item window disappears. Would it be possible to keep the knowledge window visible in some way, perhaps making it semi-transparent, so that I don't have to hunt around for it beneath the top window to paste in my text.

Many thanks,
Julia Watson

Re: Keeping the Knowledge Item window visible

PostPosted: 2013-04-04 08:40
by Jennifer Schultz
Hi Julia,

Thanks very much for your suggestion! If you're copying text directly from a PDF, it sounds like you would want to save this text as a Direct quotation rather than as a comment or summary. However, I do see your point about the disappearing window. In the Publication Assistant we have a Float button, and it might make sense to have something similar here. I'll add this to our wish list for new features but can't promise that it will actually be developed.

In Citavi 4 quotations can be edited inline (i.e. without the window) so once you've already saved a quotation, comment, or summary it's a little easier to copy from the preview pane if you need to modify it:

Best regards,

Re: Keeping the Knowledge Item window visible

PostPosted: 2013-04-05 14:16
by julia96154
Dear Jennifer,
Thanks for your speedy reply and putting my suggestion on the list for new features. I really appreciate your remarks regarding Citavi 4 too. Thank you very much.
As regards the knowledge item window, even though I may be writing a Comments so should not need to copy text over, often I like to paste in direct quotes into the comments window because they are reflections on, or analyses of, a particular section of text.
Best wishes,