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Add to spell check dictionary

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Add to spell check dictionary

Postby Rob » 2011-09-15 22:39

I know it is possible to download OpenOffice spell check dictionaries for different languages, but is there a way to allow words to be added to the current dictionary as you are correcting misspelled words? In other programs, I can right-click on a misspelled word and usually see not only the suggested corrections for the underlined word, but also an "add to dictionary" for words that actually are spelled correctly and don't need to be flagged as misspelled again. Is this something that could be added sometime?

Re: Add to spell check dictionary

Postby Antonio Tejada » 2011-09-19 11:49

Hi Rob,

Thank you for the feedback. This is a common request that is quite high on the to-do list, as you can imagine! I can't make any promises as to when it will be implemented, but it definitely will be.

Antonio Tejada
Citavi Customer Service

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