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Wishes for an upcoming release

PostPosted: 2011-07-18 17:38
by mdlynam
The ability to view different file types is a wonderful asset to Citavi, but some things I'd like to see in a future release include:

*It would be *great* if the content of those files could be indexed and searched on from the preview window.

*I'd also like to see the ability to right-click after making a selection to make a quote or other actions.

* Development of a picker for Chrome.

Looking forward to being a long-time customer of this product!

Re: Wishes for an upcoming release

PostPosted: 2011-07-25 12:04
by Antonio Tejada
Dear mdlynham,

Thanks for the feedback!

Indexing of linked files is planned for a future release.

Do you mean right-clicking in a linked file? There are two cases: PDF, Web, and word processing documents, and everything else. For the former, it's something we'd like to do; for the latter, it's likely not possible.

A Picker for Chrome is on the wish list, but I have no information as to when to expect it. (Same goes for Safari and Opera, the remaining two "minority" browsers.)