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Hope Citavi could be resized freely

PostPosted: 2017-10-20 03:26
by Yujun Li
Hi dear Citavi team,

Thank you for developing such an amazing and efficient study tool and making it available to everyone!
I am a Citavi newbie and a non-native English speaker. Sorry in advance if I confusing you.
I found that I couldn't resize the Citavi window and the preview window freely. The minimal size of them covered roughly 2/3 of the screen. This phenomenon really frustrates me because I love to resize pdf viewer window into the half of the screen so that I can have the other half screen available for another task (e.g. reading multiple pdf documents, programming according to the opened pdf file), which brings me efficiency. However, the minimal size of Citavi windows are actually very big, thus I don't have much screen area left for an extra task. I personally think having a resizable window size would be a reasonable feature. Hoping this feature could be embedded into Citavi in the future.


Re: Hope Citavi could be resized freely  Topic is solved

PostPosted: 2017-10-20 14:31
by Damien Reddy
Dear Yujun,

Thank you for your suggestion.

We are continuously striving to improve Citavi and expand its functionality in future updates, and I agree that the suggested feature might be useful. I have passed on your suggestion to our developers. However, any decision on whether this feature can be developed or actual development on it will not be possible for a while, as all of our resources are currently focused on developing Citavi Web, our upcoming cloud-based version of Citavi.

Kind regards,