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5 wishes

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5 wishes

Postby a.khoshniyat » 2017-08-27 07:14

Hello World
First I would like to thank you for this wonderful piece of software, it's really the best thing out there.
I am new to this software and the things that I wish for might already be included... If they are please let me know because I have searched and couldn't find them in Citavi 5.
Here are my suggestions:
1- The ability to search, select and get the references used in a paper I'm reading.
2- Most of the time there is direct quote in a paper from another paper which I want to use and mark it with the quotation tool, but it doesn’t connect to the actual reference. It connects to the paper I was reading it from. It would be very nice if the quotation tool could connected it to the actual reference and also suggest adding that paper to the project.
3- Most Universities offer a wide range of subscription to different sources and catalogs, it would be very nice if Citavi would by itself check the sources that the current network/internet connection has access to, and then lets us add if anything is missing.
4- To show the connection of articles in a graph could be very usefull. Some sort of tree of knowledge that helps us navigate where the topic started and later developed and got connected to other to other topics.
5- I can't get the firefox add-on working. it's not compatible with latest version.
Ps. the design could be a lot better. Some eyecandy is always needed.

Again I would like to thank you, Citavi is a real life saver.

Re: 5 wishes

Postby a.khoshniyat » 2017-08-27 07:51

5 already solved. 4 to go.

Re: 5 wishes

Postby a.khoshniyat » 2017-08-27 18:17

number 3 also solved. 3 to go.

Re: 5 wishes

Postby Damien Reddy » 2017-08-28 13:52

Dear a.khoshniyat,

Thank you for your suggestions, which we greatly appreciate!

Citavi's focus is on reference management rather than on the creation of diagrams and other, more visual ways of organizing information. To achieve your goal, I would recommend you consider working with a mind mapping software such as MindManager Pro® (versions 6 and later), FreeMind® or ConceptDraw®. Citavi can exchange data with these programs and import their outlines into your project as a category system.

Unfortunately, there are also limits to what can currently be picked up by parsing static text in a document. In order to ascertain specific bibliographic information, the Citavi Picker needs a unique signifier, such as a full DOI number. Highlighting a direct quotation in a given document would not allow for its source to be clearly identified. I have, however, passed on your suggestion to our developers. Any decision on whether this feature will be developed, as well as any actual development on it, will not be possible for a while, as all of our resources are currently focused on developing Citavi Web, our upcoming web-based version of Citavi.

Kind regards,
Damien Reddy
Citavi Customer Service

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