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Scan for keywords and Synonyms

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Scan for keywords and Synonyms

Postby Juan Carlos Senar » 2017-01-20 13:57

In some reference programs, when you are within a given paper, you have a the option to scan for keywords . The program then looks at the abstract and title and if some of the words there, appear in the keywords list, the program automatically adds these found keywords to the list of that paper. This can even be done automatically when you introduce a new reference, in that the program automatically adds keywords from the abstract and title.

I have been unable to find this option in Citavi. If not available, it would be a good addition.

A related topic is about synonyms. When importing keywords from an automatic downloading, some keywords are imported which are in meaning very similar to others. However, the option of merging keywords may not be always a good idea, because we lose some of these useful words which can be especially useful when we have the option to scan for keywords or we automatically download keywords. If we had the possibility of creating synonyms, it is easier to get what we are searching because the exact use of a given keyword is not so important.
Juan Carlos Senar

Re: Scan for keywords and Synonyms

Postby Sebastian Pabel » 2017-01-24 08:36

Hello, Mr Senar

Thank you very much for your suggestions. I've added both ideas to our internal wish list. However, automatic keyword detection and conflating synonyms are not as easily implemented as it looks at first glance, especially for non-English languages. Therefore I can't say if or when can integrate these features in Citavi.

Best regards

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Sebastian Pabel
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