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Consistency in drop-down lists: Periodical and Series Title

PostPosted: 2016-09-02 13:57
by haraldaa
Citavi developer!
In the reference tab the drop-down list for periodicals lists the periodicals with abbreviations first and then the full name of the periodical in parenthesis while for a book the series title lists the book series first and then the abbreviation in parenthesis. I found this inconsistent. I would suggest that both drop-down lists follow the same system, and I would prefer full name first and then abbreviation in parenthesis.

Regards, Haraldaa

Re: Consistency in drop-down lists: Periodical and Series Ti

PostPosted: 2016-09-02 16:28
by Jennifer Schultz
Dear Haraldaa,

Thanks for pointing this out to us! It would indeed be better if the abbreviation placement were consistent across the program. I will add this suggestion to our wish list for new features.

Best regards,