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New research software in the same family with Citavi?

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New research software in the same family with Citavi?

Postby piotrsmolnicki » 2015-09-06 17:01

Dear Citavi Team,

I know that Citavi is the reference software but after a long time of gathering data it could contain a huge database with emergent possibilities.

My question is, are you thinking about developing a new software that use this (Citavi) database in purpose to support the research? (I am not asking for promising anything) ;)

If yes it would be helpful to create a new forum topic with the purpose of suggesting what this software could do and how this software could cooperate with Citavi.

I don't want to give examples right now but I could inspire somehow someone - please don't take it as a final idea but a draft. For example, mapping chronological, spatial, and personal data could be one of the directions in developing new software parallel to Citavi. Instead of tagging only the general meaning of quote content I also tag dates (years), person (what a pity I cannot connect person mentioned in a quote like @Kant with the person on the list of authors - social network's way), and places (could be, for example #Amsterdam). Look at the professional software for photographers - Adobe Lightroom - it manages pictures the way that could be used in managing textual data gathered in Citavi - chronologically, personally and even spatially (connected with GMaps).

This is just a draft of my idea - I already got used to think about the research software in the family of Citavi due to the good job you have done already.

Best Regards,
Piotr Smolnicki

BTW. I do not know what other users think about it but I am open for critics.

Re: New research software in the same family with Citavi?

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2015-09-07 13:50

Dear Piotr,

Thanks for your suggestion! Many of these ideas have been floating around for a while in various forms in our wish list (data mapping in particular, for example), but at the moment we're not actively developing anything in this direction since our main focus is currently the upcoming web version. However, I agree that the data mapping, tagging options, and integration of spatial data could be immensely useful. We'd welcome concrete examples from you and other users about how you would like such features to work and what specific goal you would use them for. Actual development on features such as these probably won't be possible for a while yet, however.

Best regards,
Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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