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Author capitalisation Topic is solved

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Author capitalisation

Postby tngm2000 » 2015-08-19 11:09

Apologies for a second message, but I thought of another feature to bring to your attention.

At present, when importing bibliographic information automatically, Citavi adopts the formatting of the reference as it is found in the original. For instance, one American database I frequently use has all its bibliographical information (title and authors) in capitals. This leads to two problems:

Firstly, I have to manually correct the title of each journal article into lower case. It would be useful to be able to toggle between capitals, lower case and sentence case as one can in Word.

Secondly (and more importantly), Citavi won't let me edit the author details into the proper capitalisation - it immediately reverts back to the all-capitals version. The only way I have found to correct this is to go into the author details, delete the author name entirely and then enter it again by hand. This is rather laborious. If Citavi did not by default autocorrect author details to match the version already in the project this would save a considerable amount of effort.

Re: Author capitalisation

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2015-08-19 15:28

Hello tngm2000,

No apology necessary -- we appreciate your feedback! The ability to toggle between capitals, lower case and sentence case is a feature that's been on our wish list for a while now and it's something we hope to add at some point in the future.

Currently, you can edit the author and journal details on the Lists menu. After making changes to entries in the appropriate list, the autocorrect feature will use the corrected capitalization.

Best regards,
Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

Re: Author capitalisation  Topic is solved

Postby tngm2000 » 2015-08-19 15:41

Many thanks, this is very helpful.

Re: Author capitalisation

Postby Sebastian Pabel » 2015-08-19 16:06

Hi ngm2000,

there's also a macro for correcting all capital author names. Unfortunately the page is only available in German, the comments in the macro file itself, however, are in English.

Best regards,
Sebastian Pabel
Site Admin

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