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Create links between knowledge items

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Re: Create links between knowledge items

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2015-12-21 10:01

Dear Piotr,

Thanks for summarizing these features again! I've added your comments to the original wish list entry (User Story Input 18311).

Happy Holidays to you as well!

Best regards,
Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

Re: Create links between knowledge items

Postby piotrsmolnicki » 2016-01-21 15:26

Dear Citavi Team,

I would like to mention additional visual aspect to above topic:
When having a huge Categories' Tree it would be helpful if Citavi Highlighted all Subbranches under selected Branch of Category. Existing "Norton Commander" visual style of tree is not user friendly with bigger (deeper) Categories' Trees.
In addition I suggest (when Category Clones appear in Citavi) to Show and Highlight also Cloned Categories (and their Subcategories) and possibility to Jump between Clones (Hyperlink).
I also suggest to implement Favorite Categories Shortcut (user-defined) which will shorten the time of writing and selecting stuff from the Search Box.

And the last but not least, I would like to repeat something I mentioned before: When I use Search Box of Categories I can easily find something I do not remember, for example typing "auto hist" Categories' Search Box can easily find Category named "History of Automobile". BUT when I try to do the same with Keywords' Search Box I can search only Letter by Letter. In this case I open Keyword list, use it's Search Box, select suggested one, double click on selected, and then OK - it is much longer and therefore annoying way.

I hope I inspired you for more user friendly (using my user experience)Citavi interface :)

Best Regards,

[EDIT] I forgot about synonyms - there should be a possibility to search also the Keyword's Notes or somehow merging Keywords but not their Names. I avoid this problem by writing (sometimes extremely) long Keyword Names (after merging many).

Re: Create links between knowledge items

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2016-01-21 16:34

Dear Piotr,

Thanks for the additional suggestions! I especially like the idea of a favorite categories view. I'll add these features to our wish list.

Thanks so much again for sharing your feedback with us!

Best regards,
Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

Re: Create links between knowledge items

Postby Juan Carlos Senar » 2017-01-20 12:38

Now that Citavi Web is so close to completion, and you will have more time for new developments, I would like to point out again on the interest of links between knowledge items.
Many ideas originate from the collision of two or more ideas. Hence, it would be very nice if in the Direct Quotation (Blue), Comment (Orange) or Thought knowledge item windows, you could add a small reference list to which the idea is also related. For instance, a given sentence from a paper suggests me that hot conditions in the Mediterranean summer force birds to moult as soon as possible. In relation to that sentence I write an orange Comment. But there I can explain: "however, the earlier a bird moults the lower carotenes will ingest, because carotene availability increases along the season" (and cite here another reference). Then I write "we therefore should expect a trade-off between early and late moulting". This is in fact the new idea! formed by the collision of two ideas or units of knowledge. Hence, it could be nice, at least, to be able to have a short reference list in the window to link to the additional paper.
Thanks for your attention. JC
Juan Carlos Senar

Re: Create links between knowledge items

Postby Sebastian Pabel » 2017-01-20 13:55

Hi, JC

Thanks for your suggestions. We are aware that linking knowledge items would make Citavi's knowledge management even better. The feature, however, is still in the planning stage, so I can't promise it'll become reality anytime soon.

Best regards
Sebastian Pabel
Site Admin


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