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Citavi not recognising pdfs and not adding metadata

PostPosted: 2017-12-08 04:31
by sakkthi
System information: [ Citavi Version 5.7, Windows 10, English, Google Chrome, MS Office 2016, Acrobat XI ]


I am using Citavi 5, for some pdfs, citavi is detecting as microsoft word.
Some pdf references are not extracting correct articles title, reference etc and populating in citavi
Is there some way to manually import those references in citavi using Bibtex. or any other methods.


Re: Citavi not recognising pdfs and not adding metadata  Topic is solved

PostPosted: 2017-12-08 12:53
by Susanne Sitzler
Hello sakkthi,

Thanks for your questions.

When importing PDF files Citavi tries to determine a unique ID (ISBN, DOI, PubMedID) for each PDF file. If that fails, no metadata can be added.

Citavi then imports the internal title of the PDF file (you can open the PDF file with a PDF reader and check the properties, there you can also find the title). In this case, it is indeed:
Microsoft Word - 13-Georgia_et_al[1]., By-Email.doc.

If you have a unique ID for the reference, you can update the data by entering the number into the DOI or PubMed field (you might need to click on More fileds at the bottom of the Reference tab) and click the blue PubMed oder DOI heading. This will update the data for this reference.

To import references you found via Google Scholar, please follow the steps described in our FAQ.

Best regards

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