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author's first name on first mention

PostPosted: 2017-10-29 20:59
by kmiddeke
Systeminformationen: [ Citavi Version 5.7, Windows 8.x, Deutsch, Firefox 42 oder neuer, MS Office 2013/365 64Bit, - ]

I'm wondering whether it's possible to insert the author's first name where they are cited for the first time, something like "In her seminal work on X, Firstname Lastname says... (Lastname Year: pages). Lastname's ideas..."

I figure I'll have to program a condition, and I've downloaded this code, but I'm afraid I don't fuly understand how it works and it doesn't seem to be doing anything (my author component, to which I've added it, is still being inserted all the time), and also, if I understand correctly, the code is supposed to cause a component to appear if the condition is met, but then, since there's no option to set the author field to first name only, I'd need an "else" condition or something. Has anyone asked this before?

Re: author's first name on first mention

PostPosted: 2017-10-30 17:18
by Damien Reddy

Thank you for your inquiry.

The code you linked to will let you change the formatting of footnotes, yet your example points to in an in-text citation. Based on your example, would it not be possible to simply type the author's full name and then insert the reference with options?

Kind regards,

Re: author's first name on first mention

PostPosted: 2017-10-30 18:22
by kmiddeke
Dear Damien,
yes, that's what I've been doing. It's just that I'm loosing track because it's a long text and I'm moving chapters around, so I was wondering if it could be automatised.