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Advanced insertion of refernces

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Advanced insertion of refernces

Postby Susan » 2017-08-24 23:13

System information: [ Citavi Version 5.0-5.5, Windows 10, English, -, -, - ]


I wonder if you can help.
Why when I do the following to inset an in text ref with just a person or person (year) (from a citation style designed by myself)

Steps I go through
Select the reference on the References tab.
Click Insert advanced.
Choose the format you want from the options available: (Person), (Year), or Person (Year).

Why do I get this reference in my text (See below)? There is no page range as it is just a person and a year! My template has a quotation page range for in text citation, but I would have thought this was fairly standard.

Moustakas, [Quotation page range is missing!] (1990, [Quotation page range is missing!])

Best regards


Re: Advanced insertion of refernces

Postby Sonja_Schwab » 2017-08-25 06:44

Hello Sue,

this may happen if you selected the following option in you Quotation page range component:

Just un-tick the box and you should be fine.
Kind regards
Citavi Expert

Re: Advanced insertion of refernces

Postby Susan » 2017-10-08 15:09


Thanks for this.

I am working with a self customised citation style.
Sometimes when I refer to an author in the text I would like to place the date and page range after the author in brackets like this
Hill (1990, p.153) said that research was..........

But the advanced option for inserting an in text citation, only seems to supply options for combining year or author or just year . How do I get the insert option to give me a rear and a page range?

Thank you

Re: Advanced insertion of refernces

Postby Susan » 2017-10-08 15:27


Sorry to come back with questions so soon.
I am wondering if you have citation styles that you have set up for people that can be imported rather than having to start from scratch which is pretty daunting because to set up a citation style is not that obvious in this programme. I am looking for a Harvard style that I can amend if needs be. The SAGE version that I can access does not seem to have a lot in it.

If not I would like to know how to do multiple in text citations within the same brackets with relevant in text page ranges, like this (Hill, 1990 p.118; Smith, 2007 pp.113-117)

I cannot see a way to add a rule that if there is more than one ref, how to include it.


Re: Advanced insertion of refernces

Postby Damien Reddy » 2017-10-09 14:14

Dear Susan,

Thank you for your inquiries.

To place the date and page ranger after the author, first type the author's name and then use Insert advanced to only select the year and page range (screenshot).

Please note that there is no official manual for the "Harvard style". Consequently, there are many variations of the “Harvard” system, and there is no definitive version of the “Harvard style”; the term “Harvard Style” can refer to any referencing style which uses an author-date format for its in-text citations:

Citavi’s default style also uses the Harvard system. You can simply modify an existing citation style to your liking, and do not have to start from scratch.

To create multiple citations, please follow the step by step guide in our manual.

Kind regards,

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Damien Reddy
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