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Citavi Picker for Adobe Reader: Settings are not stored

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Citavi Picker for Adobe Reader: Settings are not stored

Postby thadlic » 2017-04-13 07:35

Systeminformationen: [ Citavi Version 5.5, Windows 7, Englisch, -, -, Acrobat DC ]


I am storing files on my harddrive with a certain folder hierarchy. That is why I want Citavi to keep the files as local files (without renaming). - When I change the settings in Citavi Picker, the new settings are not stored.

The workflow is:
- Right click -> Citavi Picker -> Settings .. -> (dialog opens)
- I change the settings, click OK

When I open the dialog again, all settings are back to original values.

The same happens when I use the menu entry in Acrobat Reader.

First I thought, this is only a display problem, so I tested the behavior of the Picker, but the Picker behaves according to the displayed settings (copies file + renames).

The dialog shows "Version 2015.06.29". - After installing Citavi 5.5 I already tried to deinstall the picker and to install a new picker (via ControlPanel).

If there is no way to fix the picker software - would there be a way of changing the settings? (e.g. in the registry)

Best regards,

Re: Citavi Picker for Adobe Reader: Settings are not stored

Postby Sebastian Pabel » 2017-04-18 14:31


can you please send me your latest Citavi install log? That might show why the installation doesn't succeed.

It can be found in this:

C:\ProgramData\Swiss Academic Software
The file will have the name Citavi5SetupLog_5.x.x.x.txt

To transfer the files, please use our secure upload service. So that we can match the files to the issue, please put the address of this page in the message field.

Thank you!

The Acrobat Picker settings are stored in the registry in the following key:

\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi 4\Citavi Picker\Adobe

The relevant setting is CopyFileToCitaviFolder. You can set this to 0.

Best regards

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