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how to add csl file to citavi

PostPosted: 2016-08-09 17:13
by gitmeakt
System information: [ Citavi Version 5.x Beta, Windows 10, English, Google Chrome, -, - ]


Can anyone tell me how to add harvard educational review citation style to citavi 5.3.1?
I have downloaded the csl file from zotera and I need to add this to my citavi.
Thanks in advance

Re: how to add csl file to citavi  Topic is solved

PostPosted: 2016-08-10 07:39
by Sebastian Pabel
Hello, gitmeakt

The Harvard Educational Review requests citations in APA format:

For all nonlegal manuscripts, authors should use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for reference and citation formats. References must be in APA format. (see ... or-authors)

Please use the style APA American Psychological Assosciation, 6th ed. in Citavi.

Best regards

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