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windows 10 anniversary update causes problems for citavi?

PostPosted: 2016-08-03 16:40
by mnaah
System information: [ Citavi Version 5.x Beta, Windows 10, English, Firefox 43 or newer, MS Office 2016, Acrobat DC ]

I've sent a support ticket as well, but has anyone else had this problem? After installing the windows 10 anniversary update last night on my lenovo yoga 2 pro, citavi this morning won't display properly, but looks like the attachment. I can move the vertical dividers but not the horizontal ones. It makes citavi basically unusable. The window is the same whether I have a 2nd monitor attached or not, and whether the window is on the laptop or external screen.

I have downloaded the beta and tried repairing the install, but it didn't change anything. I am about to try rolling back to the latest stable version.

Has anyone had this issue since installing the anniversary update?

Re: windows 10 anniversary update causes problems for citavi  Topic is solved

PostPosted: 2016-08-03 16:49
by Peter Meurer
Hello Mnaah

Have you already tried this solution from our FAQ?

Kind regards,

Re: windows 10 anniversary update causes problems for citavi

PostPosted: 2016-08-03 16:56
by mnaah
Hi Peter,

Thanks for the quick response - that has fixed it. Strange that the anniversary update would cause that error though, as I never had to take this step before today.

The only problem now is that it makes the content in a window on my secondary (lower resolution) display very large which means that not much can be displayed.

At least it's usable though!