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Citavi Beta 4.3.4 [Archive]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi Beta 4.3.4 [Archive]

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2014-03-25 10:24

New Features and Improvements
  • Word Add-In: Word and the Word Add-In now start faster.
  • Word Add-In: It's now possible to insert either the knowledge item or its core statement (along with the corresponding citation).
  • Word Add-In: The page type (e.g. marginal numbers) of a reference(e.g. contribution in legal commentary) is automatically applied when the page range is entered in Word.
  • Citavi can now import results from Web of Science directly.
Corrected Bugs
  • ISBN numbers that ended with the letter X were not recognized.
  • When importing a BibTeX file with a path to a pdf containing an apostraphe in the file field, the path was incorrectly entered in Citavi.
  • In the window "Search again" the text was cut off and the window was not fully shown if the resolution was set to 125 DPI.
  • The informatatory window for selected databases could not be minimized if many databases were listed.
  • The sort option "From A to Z" in the Online search had no effect.
  • When exporting to BibTeX, characters in superscript and subscript in the the Abstract field were exported as unformatted text.
  • When exporting to BibTeX, not all of the special characters in DOI addresses were treated as special characters, even when the option "Use LaTeX notation" was selected.
  • When exporting to BibTeX, two places of publication were no longer seperated by a semicolon.
The Picker Family (all browsers)
  • If "Enable ISBN and DOI dection" was selected, the Permalink button in SISIS catalogs no longer worked.
  • In the Citavi Picker's CSS file no maximum width was set for the Picker symbol. As a result, the symbol appeared very large on some websites.
  • When a website was added to Citavi using the Picker and if the website's title began with a quotation mark, HTML tags would appear in the short title generated by Citavi.
Picker (PDF)
  • When text was copied from a PDF document published by Elevier and entered in Citavi, spaces were missing.
Word Add-In
  • Depending on whether Citavi or Word was started first, the Word Add-In would forget which citation style had been chosen and whether the Citavi pane had been placed on the right side.
  • Settings for which custom styles should be used for which quotation type were reverted when Word was restarted.
  • If the Word feature Track changes was activated, Word's performance was affected in large document.
  • Under certain conditions the conversion from EndNote fields in Citavi fields did not work correctly.
  • Under certain circumstances, categories that were inserted in Citavi were not displayed in the Word Add-In or were shown twice.
  • If a 0 was inserted first in the Page range field, the Word Add-In would delete the 0.
  • After a reference was inserted with option1, all following insertions of the same reference would have option1 automatically set.
  • If a reference was inserted using Drag and Drop, the reference was not always inserted at the insertion point but somewhere around it.
  • When inserting image quotations the citation was entered in the line below the legend.
  • If the space between a quotation and it's reference number was deleted, the quotation was no longer marked as having been cited in the Word Add-In.
  • If the insertion point was in a footnote, the wrong chapter was displayed on the Chapters tab.
  • In the form Insert advanced on the Knowledge tab, text was cut off if the screen resolution in Windows was set to 125%.
  • The automatic capitalization of text in footnotes did not work if the reference had a parenthesis, e.g. Ibid (S. 16 - 17).
  • If multiple Word documents were assigned to a Citavi project, using the Search and replace feature could cause an error to occur.
  • When closing Word the error message "Object has been deleted" would appear under certain conditions.
  • When converting fields in the format "Person (Year)" to placeholders, the fields were condensed into a single citation.
Citation Style Editor
  • Letters for disambiguation were not appended to references if they were cited with the option "Year only" (/yearonly).
  • The ambiguity of an in-text citation was not correctly recognized if the component "Organization" was used instead of "Author, Editor or Organization" in the ciation style.

This version is no longer available.

Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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