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Citavi Beta 4.2.41 [Archive]

PostPosted: 2014-01-20 10:03
by Jennifer Schultz
Resolved Bugs
  • In press publications were not listed at the beginning in the navigation pane if the list was sorted by year
  • When importing Citavi 3 projects, places of publication such as "Cambridge, Mass." were imported as two separate places (i.e. "Cambridge"; "Mass").
  • In the Format publication window, placeholders were shown to be broken if prefixes or suffixes with the placeholders were enclosed in typographical quotation marks.
  • When a Google Docs document was linked to a reference and opened in the preview, Google Docs would display an error message that the document needed to be reloaded.
  • In the Table View, Citavi did not display the correct number after a grouping if a filter was active at the same time.
Add-In for Word
  • In-text citations inserted with the Word Add-In did not retain certain styles after the document was refreshed (i.e. image captions in cursive).
Citation Style Editor
  • The condition "Author/Editor/Organization = Publisher" did not work.
  • In the APA and DGPs styles ambiguous references could not be disambiguated if the ambiguous references had already been cited and if both contained two or more authors with first authors with the same last name.
  • The programmed sort order alphabetically exactly as in the bibliography could lead to an incorrect sort order, if programmed components were also used that required an already completed sorting.
  • The option for multiple references Suppress author was not applied if the in-text citation rule set used a component containing both Original publication and Year rather than a single Year or "Year derived" component. "(Miller, 1999/2010; Miller 2011; Miller 1984/2013)" would appear instead of "(Miller, 1999/2010, 2011, 1984/2013)".
  • In multiple references by the same author from different years and with the "Suppress author" option activated, parentheses were repeated around each year. "Miller (2010), (2011), (2013)" would appear instead of "Miller (2010, 2011, 2013)".

This version is no longer available.

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