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Citavi Beta 4.2.29 [Archive]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi Beta 4.2.29 [Archive]

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2013-12-04 14:24

Please note
The Pickers for Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat are not able to send any information to Citavi if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7. We have received reports of this bug since the release of this beta version. The bug has been fixed in Citavi Beta 4.2.33.

New Features:
  • Advanced search for citation styles (Style finder).
  • When an existing knowledge item is opened by right-clicking and choosing Edit in window, Citavi will automatically open the next knowledge item in a window when the user double-clicks the knowledge item.
  • Citavi now supports the LaTeX editor TeXStudio.
The Picker Family
  • The Picker for Internet Explorer is now compatible with the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer.
Add-In for Word
  • Keyboard shortcuts can now be defined in the Word Add-In to insert references in the following formats: (Person), (Year), or Person (Year).
  • In the Word Add-In you can click on This reference has been cited n time(s) to jump to other citations of the same reference.
  • On the Chapters tab it's now possible to see which knowledge item the cursor is in.
  • In the Word Add-In Options a repair feature is now available that imports all inserted references again. The repair can be used if a display problem occurs.
Resolved Bugs:
  • References with the in-press placeholder did not appear at the top of a list sorted by year with the newest references on top.
  • The Created and Modified fields for a task always displayed the current date.
  • The Preview in the Citation key settings dialog showed the punctuation between author names twice.
  • In the Publication Assistant TeXWorks did not appear in sub-menus.
  • An error would occur when exporting to EndNote if a reference's location had the type "Unknown".
  • License information pasted from the Clipboard was not processed correctly if the interface language was not in English or German.
The Picker Family:
  • The Picker for Internet Explorer now works under the Advanced protected mode in Internet Explorer.
Add-In for Word:
  • After inserting a multiple citation with the Word Add-In the "undo" steps were deleted.
  • The field shading option was ignored.
  • The width of the task pane was not saved across sessions if it was under a certain width.
  • The sorting of citations in a multiple citation did not work correctly.
  • An error would occur when double-clicking a citation field if the Citavi project wasn't open.
  • An error would occur when inserting a reference if the insertion point was in a content control.
  • An error would occur when inserting a reference if the insertion point was at the end of a table.
  • An error would occur when inserting a reference if the insertion point was in an image caption. The reference would be inserted in the wrong place under certain conditions.
  • An error would occur under certain conditions when inserting a reference if the insertion point appeared in a frame.
  • Ibid. was not automatically capitalized if it was followed by a comma.
  • If an existing knowledge item was assigned to a new or additional category, the knowledge item was not displayed under this category.
  • If a reference was inserted into a Word document using drag and drop, the quotation page range from a reference inserted previously was sometimes automatically applied to the new reference.
  • When a reference was inserted, the error message "This command is not available" would sometimes appear.
  • If a citation style was copied and edited, already inserted references could not be displayed the first time it was used.
  • If a prefix was inserted for a reference and the document was closed, no suffix could be entered for a teh reference the next time the document was opened.

Citation Style Editor:
  • In a component with three elements, the options Apply when the previous element contains data and Apply when the following element contains data were not applied.
  • Improvements to index styles: sorting, templates with unusual parentheses, prefixes, suffixes, page numbers in multiple citations, clusters of subindices forming one reference, etc.

This version is no longer available.

Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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