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Citavi Beta 4.1.100 [Archive]

PostPosted: 2013-09-18 10:57
by Jennifer Schultz
Resolved Bugs:
    • A prefix or suffix in Word would not appear if the reference was inserted with the No parentheses option.
    • The special character Soft hyphen has been removed from the special characters shortcut menu, since it could lead to problems.
    • Under certain conditions using the in-place editing for quotations could lead to an error.
    • The automatic capitalization of "ibid" in footnotes would occur even if a prefix appeared in front of it.
    The Picker Family:
    • Firefox: French translations were missing from the Firefox Picker.
    Add-In for Word:
    • Moving fields caused an error to occur
    • Assigning a project to a document could lead to an OutOfMemory exception.
    • If a reference was inserted with an option from Citavi's Citation menu, the option information was not displayed in Word.

This version is no longer available.

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