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Citavi Beta 4.1.91 [Archive]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi Beta 4.1.91 [Archive]

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2013-09-10 13:53

New or Improved Features:
    • The performance of the Find full text feature has been improved.
    • Word Add-In performance has been improved.
    • Citavi now supports index styles. These types of styles condense multiple citations into one citation (e.g. [3a-d, 4, 7a-c]. Parts of the citation can be cited later on in the document (e.g. [3b]).

Resolved Bugs:
      Program Start
      • Under certain conditions the folder for user files was not correctly identified leading to the creation of another folder.
      • User files and projects saved on a USB stick were no longer recognized if the drive letter changed.
      User Interface
      • In read-only projects, the command Delete image appeared on the Overview tab and could cause an error to occur.
      • The Location form for private collection locations had two shortcut menus instead of one.
      • When the left pane was hidden, the Go to field would be enlarged and the short title field would shrink.
      Project Opening
      • When opening a Citavi 2 project, Citavi 4 changed the page range type from pages to columns.
      • Protected team projects could not be opened if the user was working with a Windows' mandatory profile.
      • Under certain conditions, a project could not be opened on the first try after an automatic repair.
      Project Editing
      • In text fields (Abstract, Quotations, etc.) pressing F7 would cause an error to occur.
      • PDF documents could not be displayed in the preview if a proxy server needed authorization.
      • PDF documents from Citeseerx were not recognized as PDF files by the Citavi preview.
      • When excerpting quotations from a PDF in the preview pane, the text would be duplicated under certain conditions.
      • When a password-protected PDF document was opened in the Citavi preview pane, the password was displayed instead of being hidden with asterisks.
      • If a search was performed for tasks, the corresponding references could only be selected for editing if all the tasks were selected.
      • Deleting table cells in a text field caused an error to occur.
      Searching and Importing
      • When importing from a formatted bibliography, not all references would be searched for if the reference list was very long.
      • When importing from by clicking the Picker symbol next to a DOI name, first names that had been entered in the form "J.M." were not separated by a space.
      Exporting and Printing
      • The feature Click here to save a copy of this webpage as a PDF did not work if an HTML page with built-in print script was displayed in the preview.
      • Under certain circumstances, Citavi would not create a complete PDF of a webpage in the preview.

      The Picker Family:
      • Firefox: The Firefox Picker would not save the online address for PDF documents
      • Firefox: ISBN and DOI recognition could not be disabled
      • All Pickers: under certain conditions the Hunter would not appear next to individual PubMed results.
      • Picker for Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat: The Adobe Acrobat Plug-In in a browser could crash when the Picker was used to add a PDF document to Citavi.

      Add-In for Word:
      • Deleting a reference from a multiple citation could cause an error to occur.
      • Changes to the Word Add-In style templates would revert when Word was closed and restarted.
      • Text in right-to-left languages (e.g. Hebrew) were displayed in the bibliography from left to right.

      Citation Style Editor:
      • The citation style setting Capitalize the first letter automatically at the beginning of every footnote ignored prefixes (such as cf.) defined by the citation style.
      • Changes to the component Quotation page range on the Columns[c/] tab were not saved.

This version is no longer available.

Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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