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Citavi Beta 4.1.54 [Archive]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi Beta 4.1.54 [Archive]

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2013-07-22 13:06

New Features
  • The Find full text feature has been improved and more sources are now searched.
  • When creating a BibTeX file you can choose to scan the TeX file so that the BibTeX file only includes cited references.
  • The Chrome and Firefox pickers can now import Kindle highlights from into Citavi (This only works with eBooks purchased on Amazon and not with personal PDF files).

Resolved Bugs:
    • When using the feature Project bibliography in current citation style dashed lines were not inserted if an author's name was repeated, even in styles that specify this.
    • The Input Method Editor ( for CJK languages ( did not work correctly. (The direct insertion of categories with the Input Method Editor is still not possible).
    • When scanning COM-Ports Citavi now displays the name of the port and not just a placeholder.
    • Under certain circumstances a NullReferenceException could occur when Windows was shut down.
    • When Citavi was run under Parallels in Coherence Mode, using the inplace editing to edit a knowledge item would cause the screen to flicker and the screen display was delayed.
    • When using the inplace editing to edit a knowledge item and when switching programs using Alt+Tab, changes were shown only after a delay.
    • A Knowledge Item that had been cut could not be pasted using Ctrl+V but had to be inserted by right-clicking and selecting Paste from the shortcut menu.
    • Converting a Citavi 3 project to Citavi 4 format would lead to a NullReferenceException if the Citavi 3 project was saved on a USB flash drive.
    • When Citavi was closed and then started again, the width of the keyword and categories column changed
    • The feature Rename this file did not work if invalid characters were used in the name.
    • The list of program languages was not sorted alphabetically
    • The search for thoughts [i:*] would not display results even if the project contained thoughts.
    • An error could occur with long knowledge items if directly after opening a project, the user quickly scrolled through the knowledge item(s).
    • Very long keywords enlarged the dialog for merging keywords to such an extent that the dialog could no longer be closed.
    • In LibreOffice 4 "ibid." was not be capitalized at the beginning of a footnote, even if this option was selected in the citation style.
    • In the Citation Style Editor, the preview for a text element was not refreshed if a typographical quote was entered.

    The Picker Family:
    • Firefox: The Picker symbol that appears next to ISBN and DOI numbers could not be deactivated.
    • Internet Explorer: The Hunter did not find results for the German catalog

    Add-In for Word:
    • When saving a document without Citavi fields an error message would appear.
    • When the option "Insert heading before bibliography" was deactivated, an empty paragraph that could not be formatted would appear in front of the bibliography.
    • When a Knowledge Item was inserted with the option "Person (Year)", the page numbers were inserted twice.
    • When inserting all knowledge items in a Word document not all quotations had the paragraph formatting they should have had.
    • For reference number styles sorted in the order cited, the numbering was wrong if the reference was part of an image caption.
    • If a longer text was inserted into the Suffix field, when the document was opened again the option "Format as follows" was no longer selected.

This version is no longer available.

Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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