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Citavi Beta 4.1.30 [Archive]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi Beta 4.1.30 [Archive]

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2013-07-02 12:38

New Features
  • Browser Pickers now handle dynamically generated elements better.
  • Word Add-In performance has been improved.
  • In the Word Add-In it is now possible to select multiple Knowledge Items at once.
  • In the Word Add-In it is now possible to insert Knowledge Items with different citation formatting: (Person), (Year), Person (Year)
  • In the Word Add-In it is now also possible to sort references alphabetically by title.
  • In the Word Add-In it is now possible to suppress the live formatting of references so that performance speed is improved. Click Options > Formatierungsanweisungen des Zitationsstils sofort anwenden. (This option will be translated into English and other languages in the next beta version)
  • In the Word Add-In it's now possible to use a keyboard shortcut to display and hide the Task Pane. In Word, click File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Keyboard shortcuts: Customize > Macros > CitaviPaneToggle > Press new shortcut key

Resolved Bugs:
    • When creating a new import filter to import Excel files, the import failed after the first step.
    • When importing a settings file, catalogs for location searches were added rather than replacing any already selected catalogs.
    • For the feature Add cover art from file the option Move did not work.
    • Citavi 4 AddOns were not loaded if they came from an "untrusted" source (i.e. if they were downloaded).
    • Filtering with the option By quoted references in current document did not work.
    • The list of locally saved citation styles was not sorted alphabetically.
    • Searching for numeric values such as 01999 were incorrectly interpreted as searches for a year.
    • In the location search only the first 100 references were displayed with a green checkmark, even if more locations were successfully found.
    • In the location search journal articles were also searched for.
    • Under certain circumstances in team projects only one additional person could receive access to the project by password.
    • The export of categories to the current version of Freemind no longer worked.
    • If a grouped project bibliography was grouped by tasks, instead of the task name, the message "System.Linq.Enumerable+<DistinctIterator>d__81`1[System.String]" would appear.
    • Attempting to use the Picker for Internet Explorer to add text from the preview led to an error message.

    Add-In for Word:
    • Occasionally there were communication problems between Citavi and Word (COM errors).
    • Speed was decreased if a Citavi project contained many links from and links to between references or very many quotations.
    • Newly inserted subcategories in Citavi did not immediately appear in the Word Add-In.
    • The automatic capitalization of "ibid." at the beginning of a footnote did not work if a tab was inserted at the beginning of the footnote.
    • The option Core statement, knowledge item, and citation didn't work.
    • Small caps would not appear in the bibliography if the first element in the previous entry had different formatting.
    • When working with subdocuments an error message could occur that the the user could not edit the selection since it was read-only.
    • When very long placeholders (i.e. a multiple citation with over 250 characters) were converted to fields, the end punctuation was deleted.
    • When placeholders inserted with the Citavi 4 Publication Assistant were converted to fields, the qutoation type was ignored.
    • When placeholders inserted with the Citavi 4 Publication Assistant were converted to fields, the core statement was also inserted, even if this was not wanted.
    • Under certain circumstances a negative hanging indent was inserted into the bibliography.
    • Using Word's Track Changes feature led to an error.
    • If a reference was inserted into a document in Read-only mode an error would occur.
    • The list of locally saved citation styles was not sorted alphabetically

    Citation Style Editor:
    • The option Suppress name suffixes did not work.

    The Picker Family:
    • Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer: Metadata would not be imported if tags were capitalized rather than in all lowercase letters.
    • Adobe: PDF files added to a project with the Picker were saved as Internet Documents rather than Journal Articles.
    • Chrome: The Hunter feature appeared in German in other language versions.
    • Chrome: The option Display notifications did not work.
    • Firefox: The Picker appeared in English in the Spanish language version.

This version is no longer available.

Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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