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Archive: Citavi Beta 3.1.7

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Archive: Citavi Beta 3.1.7

Postby Antonio Tejada » 2011-08-29 14:12

The following features are new or improved:
  • The Picker for Firefox now supports Firefox 6.
  • The Preview pane now has the Copy command in the right-click menu for PDF documents.
  • The Preview pane now suppresses JavaScript errors on Web pages with frames when possible.
  • Improved automatic repair when opening projects.

The following bugs have been resolved:
  • The sort order of quotations in a category cold be lost if the quotations were also assigned to other categories.
  • Double-clicking a location on the Tasks & locations tab opened the Preview pane instead of opening the location window.
  • The Source field could not be modified manually.
  • Under certain conditions, categories could not be deleted.
  • Copying a location to the Clipboard did not work correctly.
  • Headings were pasted from the Clipboard incorrectly.
  • In table view, the Select all command selected all the references in the project, instead of just the references displayed.
  • With a project opened as read-only, dragging categories in the category tree did not work correctly.
  • When inserting into Word a quotation that ends in a numbered list item, the last number was lost.
  • When adding a PDF document with the Picker for Adobe, no local copy of the PDF document was saved.
  • When saving a copy of a solo project as a team project, the links to linked files were lost if the files were linked with a relative path to a location outside of the Citavi folder for user data.
  • When creating an annotated project bibliography, library locations were missing and Private Collections were incomplete.
  • After opening a linked PDF document in Adobe Reader or Acrobat from within Citavi, changes to the PDF document (e.g. annotations) could not be saved.
  • Online PDFs with certain characters in the URL could not be downloaded in the Preview pane.
  • On rare occasions, the Preview pane did not display Word documents correctly.
  • When using TeX: The dates of journal articles were not exported correctly when using BibLaTeX.
  • When using TeX: Quotation marks in the title of a reference led to an error LyX.
  • The project cache feature did not always work correctly.
  • When using a systemwide license key file, user-specific license overriding did not work correctly.

This is a beta of an upcoming update for Citavi. It contains bug fixes as well as new features. New features can introduce new bugs of their own, so please post if you find one.

This version is no longer available.

Antonio Tejada
Citavi Customer Service

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