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PDF handling

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PDF handling

Postby Cuser » 2010-10-28 00:41

Other reference managers (eg papers and mendeley) have the capability of automatically renaming PDFs and copying them into a prescribed file hierarchy when the PDF is associated with a reference. Does Citavi have this functionality?

Re: PDF handling

Postby Hugo Muckelbauer » 2010-10-28 14:52

Hi Cuser,

Citavi can do something similar.

You can add references of PDF files in different ways in Citavi:
1) via the menu "References>Import...>A folder of PDF files"
2) via the a bit misleading button "Retrieve by ISBN"
3) via the button "online search"
4) manually
5) via Citavi's Acrobat-Picker

In case #1 the "Import" window will offer you the option to attach the file and in what form (i.e. whether Citavi should rename the PDF-file).
In cases #2 through #4 you have to add the PDF file manually in the "Tasks&Locations" tab, button "Location>Local file". Here you will have the same options as in case #1.
If you retrieve a PDF file via Citavi's Acrobat-Picker (via the menu "Citavi Picker>Add PDF document as reference" in Acrobat), Citavi will automatically add a new reference in Citavi and attach the PDF file. Citavi will try to fill in all fields like author, title, etc. with the information it can extract from the PDF file's meta information. The PDF file's name and location on your hard drive will stay unchanged in this case. However, you can change this afterwards by using the editing window in the "Tasks&Locations" tab (by clicking on the listed PDF file there). In the editing windows you then have to click on the tools menu (the little cog wheel).


Hugo Muckelbauer
Citavi Expert

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