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Cloud projects and search/find times

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Cloud projects and search/find times

Postby slaterish » 2017-10-14 14:08

I've got an increasingly irritating problem: using 'Find' can take extreme amounts of time (I mean 10, 20+ minutes). I generally hit cancel before I get any results, but it then takes several minutes before the window closes and I can access Citavi again.

I presume the reason is that it is searching the Cloud project (though I am working on an extremely fast connection most of the time, so that shouldn't slow down to such an extent).

Is there any way of either directing Citavi only to search already downloaded records and attachments? or to speed up the cancel process/allow users to use Citavi during the search or once the search has been cancelled?

The programme really is disabled if you effectively can't use search.


Re: Cloud projects and search/find times

Postby Damien Reddy » 2017-10-16 14:01

Hi Don

Thank you for your inquiry.

Are you referring to the Find full text or to the Search feature?

Does the search ever conclude successfully?

Kind regards,
Damien Reddy
Citavi Customer Service

Re: Cloud projects and search/find times

Postby slaterish » 2017-10-17 11:46

I was talking about Search - ctrl F

However, I've just tried it again and the problem seems to have magically disappeared - getting very fast response, as usual.

No idea what was going on, or what changed, but I can assure you Ctrl f searches were taking hours a few days ago....

That's betas I guess


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