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Change Login Option

PostPosted: 2017-10-06 23:18
by JohnT
When I first installed Citavi 6 on my laptop, it gave me the option to save my login, or to select logging in each time for security when on a public wifi. I chose the automatic login option because I'll be using it at home. However, next week I will be on the road and I will need the security login option. How do I switch back to change my login option? I can't find the screen to select the security option again.

Re: Change Login Option

PostPosted: 2017-10-07 06:39
by Sonja_Schwab
Hi John,

if you don't want to be automatically logged in, you simply have to log out. That you can do on your Citavi 6 start window:

When you have done that, the next time you start Citavi you will get the log in screen again and you can change your settings after you completed login.
However I think that there is a misunderstanding. The 'Don't save password' option is not meant for public wifi but for public computers (i.e. a computer in an internet cafe, somebody else will use after you). If you are bringing along your own laptop and just use a public wifi, it doesn't make a difference if you have your login stored on your laptop or not. Unless you prefer not to log in at all to your Citavi account while you are in a public wifi.

Kind regards

Re: Change Login Option

PostPosted: 2017-10-07 12:08
by JohnT
Thanks for clearing that up for me.