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Citavi 5 Preview 3 [Archive]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi 5 Preview 3 [Archive]

Postby Peter Meurer » 2015-02-19 15:17

This preview is an early version to show new features as they are being developed, still early enough in the process to consider feedback regarding look and feel, but potentially with significant bugs. For this reason, preview versions should never be used with important data. Projects created with a preview version may not be compatible with later preview, beta, or release versions if there are changes to data format.

We’re excited to share the third preview release of Citavi 5 with you! Preview 3 showcases the following features:

New name for the Attachments folder
Important: This is a small change with big consequences if you have already worked with Citavi 5 Preview 1 or 2.
The Attachments folder (CitaviFiles in Citavi 4) has been renamed as Citavi Attachments. So that Citavi can find PDF files, images, and other files attached to your project, you need to copy the contents from the old Attachments folder into the new Citavi Attachments folder for each Citavi 5 project you created.
Here’s how:
  1. Close Citavi 5.
  2. In Windows Explorer switch to the Citavi 5 folder for user files. The default folder is C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\Citavi 5.
  3. Open the Projects folder and then open the folder with the project name.
  4. Move the contents of the Attachments folder to the Citavi Attachments folder.
  5. Delete the Attachments folder.
  6. Repeat these steps for each Citavi 5 project.

New feature: Groups.
You can now organize your references with groups. How do groups differ from categories or keywords? Categories and keywords always have some association with the content of your references. Groups can help you organize your work or sort references in a way unrelated to their contents. For example, you could create the groups already read, currently reading and to read. You can also use groups to separate references into important texts and supplementary readings.
Please let us know how you’d like to use groups.

Citavi for DBServer
This new edition lets you save Citavi projects in a server database rather than in a file. This makes it possible for large teams to work on projects at the same time, and it makes user and license administration easier. If you’d like to test Citavi for DBServer, please contact the Citavi support team. Until the documentation is available, we’re glad to help on an individual basis.

Additional Improvements
  • Save a combination of multiple selection filters
  • Save search terms for an online search after performing the search
  • In the Word Add-In: sort knowledge items by reference
  • The PDF preview now requires less memory
  • Bug fixes

View new features and improvements in previous preview versions:
Preview 1, Preview 2

Please share your experiences with us: What did you like? What would you like changed? Did you run into problems?

This version is no longer available

Peter Meurer
Citavi Customer Service

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