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Citavi Beta 4.4.34 [Archive]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi Beta 4.4.34 [Archive]

Postby Jennifer Schultz » 2014-12-18 10:34

New Features:
  • Word documents created with Reference Manager® can be converted for use with the Citavi Word Add-In.

Improved Features:
  • The Word Add-In now warns the user if it failed to update when an update for Citavi was installed.
  • The export filter "BibTeX (with formatting)" was added.

Resolved Bugs:
  • A line break was automatically inserted after title fields containing an ampersand ("&").
  • Under certain circumstances a black box would appear if in the Reference Editor the Keywords or Categories column was displayed.
  • Greek letters entered on the Reference tab using the "Symbol" font type were not displayed correctly in other locations.
  • Searching for subcategories with the >= and <= operators did not work correctly.
  • When adding bibliographic information by ISBN, the series title was not added.
  • When using Search and replace, entering a single quotation mark caused a program error to occur.

The Picker Family
  • All Pickers: HTML5 tags caused the ISBN search feature to not work properly.
  • All Pickers: DOI names with parentheses were not recognized correctly.
  • Firefox: Using the Picker to add certain websites led to an "hMapFile == Null" error message.
  • Firefox: The blacklist feature did not deactivate ISBN and DOI recognition on websites selected by the user.
  • Internet Explorer: The option to add image quotations was missing.
  • Internet Explorer: Opening certain pages caused the browser to crash.

Word Add-In
  • The core statement of a thought was inserted, even if the option Include core statements was not selected in the Citavi options.
  • Loading a master document could cause an error to occur.
  • On the Citations tab the order of individual citations in a multiple citation did not correspond to the order in the Word document.
  • On computers with very high screen resolutions the Word-In could have a display error.
  • Categories were not inserted in the correct order in the Word document.
  • In reference number styles with reference numbers in superscript, the reference numbers were not automatically inserted as a multiple citation if the reference number had two digits.
  • Working with multiple projects in one document could cause synchronization problems.

LibreOffice, LaTeX
  • When inserting a knowledge item in LibreOffice the style in use at the insertion point was ignored.

  • When importing from a formatted bibliography, Citavi would search all databases that had ever been added instead of just the selected databases.
  • When importing from EndNote, no references were imported if the user manually chose that the contents of the Record Number field should be imported to the Locations: Call number field.
  • When exporting to EndNote, PDF files were not exported.
  • When exporting to Biblatex, the internal Organizations field was not treated like a name field.
  • When exporting to RIS, only the file name of the attached file was exported instead of the complete file path.
  • When importing a settings file, the imported databases would replace the databases selected by the user rather than being added to them.

This version is no longer available.

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Jennifer Schultz
Citavi Customer Service

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