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Citavi 5 Preview 1 [Archive]

Download and discuss pre-release versions of Citavi.

Citavi 5 Preview 1 [Archive]

Postby Hans Siem Schweiger » 2014-11-24 12:39

This preview is an early version to show new features as they are being developed, still early enough in the process to consider feedback regarding look and feel, but potentially with significant bugs. For this reason, preview versions should never be used with important data. Projects created with a preview version may not be compatible with later preview, beta, or release versions if there are changes to data format.

We’re excited to share the first preview release of Citavi 5 with you! Additional preview versions will be released in the future, and the final release of Citavi 5 will include additional improvements and new features.

Preview 1 showcases the following features:

  1. PDF Documents
    Citavi 5 builds on one of Citavi’s key strengths: text analysis. We’ve now made it much easier to read, annotate, and analyze full texts in PDF format. You can now:

    • Highlight important text passages in Citavi.
    • Link quotations and tasks to a specific place in the text, so you can quickly find a passage again when you begin writing your paper.
    • Directly display comments or tasks at the place in the text they refer to.
    • Use the new Quick reference knowledge item to quickly analyze a text and make note of the relevant section for writing your paper.
    • Save tables and images from a PDF as an image quotation.
    • Quickly add keywords to a reference by using the keywords in the PDF file.
    • Import annotations created with another PDF program (for example, on a tablet) so that you can work away from your laptop or desktop computer.
    • Export bibliographic information and annotations into the PDF file, to make the information available to others or in order to work with the document on another device.
    • Search individual PDF files for key terms.

    In addition, we’ve improved the use of PDF files in the preview. You can now directly jump to a specific page, and Citavi remembers what page you were on and your zoom settings even if you switch to another reference.

  2. EPUBs
    The EPUB e-book format can now be displayed in the Citavi preview and saved in PDF format (just like a website) so that it can then be annotated.

  3. Welcome Screen
    The new welcome screen gives you a better overview of the last projects used, your settings, and your license information. Stay up-to-date with the built-in RSS feed. In addition to the Citavi News feed, you can also add RSS feeds from other sources.

  4. You Choose Where to Save PDF Files
    For each project you can now define where your local files, including PDF files, image quotations, and cover images, should be saved. Select a Onedrive or DropBox folder to access your PDF files wherever you go.

  5. New Backups
    Backups are no longer saved as .zip files but in the Citavi backup format. This makes it possible to restore a backup by double-clicking it. The restored project is automatically saved in the correct project folder.

Please share your experiences with us: What did you like? What would you like changed? Did you run into problems?

Citavi 5 Preview 1 can be installed parallel to Citavi 4 - with one important exception: The Word Add-In cannot be used with both Citavi 4 and Citavi 5. Make sure to select This feature will not be available if you want to continue working with the Citavi 4 Word Add-In.

The Pickers are compatible with Citavi 4 and Citavi 5. If you install the Citavi 5 Picker, it will also work with Citavi 4.

If you accidentally installed Citavi 5 with the Word Add-In but want to continue using the Citavi 4 Word Add-In, close all other programs, uninstall Citavi 5 and reinstall Citavi 4. During the Citavi 4 installation make sure that the Word Add-In will also be installed. If necessary, select This feature, and all subfeatures, will be installed on local hard drive.

This version is no longer available.

Hans Siem Schweiger
Citavi Customer Service

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