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Citavi & word counts

PostPosted: 2013-04-07 11:53
by aanon
System information: [ Citavi Version 3.4, Windows 8, English, Other browser, MS Office 2010 32Bit, - ]

I'm interested in using Citavi to write academic papers up to a first draft or even late draft stage (going to Word for page layout only). I wonder whether anyone else uses it in this way?

I've used Scrivener and ywriter and other such excellent tools in the past and I know how to use these in conjunction with Citavi but I would would be very happy to do all my writing work within Citivi if it were feasible. This would allow me to use a consistent approach throughout my writing project, rather than working in one manner to make my first compilation and in another manner later in the writing process (for example if I had a nearly-complete Scrivener file and needed to come back to Citavi to create extra knowledge items to fill in some weak areas).

One limitation I'm finding at the moment is that I cannot quickly see how many words I've written. Is there any way I can see a word count for knowledge items (in categories or subcategories) without compiling to Word?

Thank you,


ps. The ability to edit knowledge items "in-line" in the Citavi 4 Beta is a great step forward and will certainly help with compiling a smooth-flowing draft.
pps. Do you have any case studies available of people who've used Citavi for major projects? I'm always interested to see people's approaches and/or hear their tips for working productively.

Re: Citavi & word counts

PostPosted: 2013-04-08 09:19
by Jennifer Schultz
Hi Aanon,

Thanks so much for your question! We've heard from a lot of customers who would like to work this way. At the moment there is no concrete development in this direction, but expanding the ability of Citavi to be able to used for writing drafts is something we're seriously considering for future versions.

A word count feature makes a lot of sense, regardless of future developments, and I will add this suggestion to our wish list.

We don't have any case studies per se, but from various support cases, I do know of many users who have written a dissertation using Citavi and of one person who used Citavi to write a 300+ page book. It would be nice for us to collect these case studies more systematically in the future. If you would like to share your experiences using Citavi with us, we would be very grateful!

Best regards,

P.S. We're glad to hear that you like the new in-line editing possibilities!