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Link multiple references to one knowledge item

PostPosted: 2013-02-13 14:21
by cityenn
System information: [ Citavi Version 3.4, -, -, -, -, - ]


Is it possible to add multiple references to a thought/summary/quote, instead of just one?

Now it happens to me a lot that I have to make a compound knowledge item, drawing on multiple sources. To do that in Citavi, I have to link the item to one reference, and then add as text the others in the text field so that I don't forget.

See attachment for an example. I have no idea how to do this efficiently.

Re: Link multiple references to one knowledge item  Topic is solved

PostPosted: 2013-02-13 16:18
by Patrick Hilt
Hello Cityenn,

no, it is currently not possible to add multiple references to a summary or quote.
To simplify your task, you could add them in the summary text in the correct format of a Citavi placeholder:


The important bit is the sequence number.

If you quote this text in your document, you will get this:


If your citation style closes multiple citations in parenthesis, the result in your formatted document will look like this:


This will work well in Citavi 3. If you switch to Citavi 4 and want to use the WordAddIn in the future, we would have to look for a different solution (and no, I am afraid cannot tell you when Citavi 4 is going to be released). I will put the requested feature on our wish list.

Best regards

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