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citations, in-text vs. bibliography at end, different styles

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citations, in-text vs. bibliography at end, different styles

Postby tidi81 » 2013-01-31 22:32

System information: [ Citavi Version 3.4, Windows 7, English, -, -, - ]

since the appropriate citation style is not available for my manuscript (I already requested it at Citavi today), I created the citation style myself.
The in-text citations are supposed to be different from the citation format used at the end in the bibliography.
Smith et al. 2013
in bibliography:
Smith, K., Cooper, L., and Stevens, C. (2013).
So the number of persons in the name field is different.
Under Citation-->Citation Style --> Edit Citation style I can edit my custom citation style file and define different rules for the Author component of the Bibliography rule set and of the In-text citation rule set. However, every time I change the field properties of the Author (checkbox "Abbreviate list") for one of the rule sets (e.g. bibliography), Citavi will also change the checkbox mark in the other rule set (e.g. In-text citation).

How can I uniquely define the field properties for each rule set?

Re: citations, in-text vs. bibliography at end, different st

Postby Patrick Hilt » 2013-02-01 15:17

Hi Tidi,

it is very common that you need the same component formatted in different ways. In these cases, you have to create a copy of the component and configure it appropriately:


Please change the name of the component so you can easily distinguish which is which.

The style you requested is online now.

Best regards

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Patrick Hilt
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