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Acrobat Picker install check box is grayed out

PostPosted: 2012-12-25 04:05
by DrumLib
System information: [ Citavi Version 3.3, Windows XP, English, Firefox 8.x - 17.x, MS Office 2007, Acrobat XI ]

I can not install the picker for Acrobat XI. When I try to install the picker, the check-box is unusable (gray). I tried the beta version of Citavi and had the same problem.

Is the Acrobat picker certified? I've spent hours reading about people's problems with this certified mode. There seems to be no way to get Acrobat out of certified mode -- it says it will but when you reopen it certified mode is still on.

So, what old version of Acrobat works with the picker?

Re: Acrobat Picker install check box is grayed out

PostPosted: 2012-12-25 10:50
by DrumLib
Well, I've got the Citavi Picker working in Adobe but the solution is less than ideal. However, because so many people are having trouble with plug-ins, I will post what I have learned and how I got Picker working with the hope of saving others some time. And perhaps someone more technically skilled than I can come up with a more elegant solution.

Acrobat started using this certified mode in version 6, however, it was in version 9 that they introduced a IMO buggy catch 22:

"Also, if there are no un-certified plug-ins, the checkbox would be off [no check], but Acrobat would still run in certified mode as there are no uncertified plugins."

In other words, it runs in certified mode by default and you can't change it until you install an uncertified plug-in, which it won't let you do because it's running in certified mode. See the catch 22? The checkbox to turn on certified mode is empty, indicating that it is off, but certified mode is actually on. And checking and unchecking the box does nothing. Why? Because it stays in certified mode until you install an uncertified plug-in, which it won't let you do. This is why Citavi grays out the check box and won't let you install the Acrobat Picker.

Prior to version 9, Acrobat at least let you turn off certified mode by checking the box (which should already be checked because certified mode is on) and then unchecking the box to turn it off. When you do this it looks like it didn't work, but versions before 9 will now let Citavi install the Picker plug-in. Here is where I found this info about the version differences:

"Acrobat 9 - Certified Mode behaves differently than previous versions of Acrobat. Certified Mode is always set to YES until a third party plug-in is installed, even though the box is unchecked." ... penacrobat

So I now have a copy of Acrobat 8 that is working perfectly with the Citavi Picker. The only problem is running such an old version of Acrobat probably introduces security vulnerabilities. Perhaps someone could find a way to turn certified mode off in the registry or something so we could use the latest version of Acrobat with Picker.

Re: Acrobat Picker install check box is grayed out

PostPosted: 2013-01-04 11:55
by Patrick Hilt
this is an update to the Picker situation for Acrobat XI:
Due to a bug in Citavi 3.3.3 beta the Acrobat Picker does not install correctly.

This will be fixed with the next beta version. In the meantime, please contact us at, we will send you the necessary files to activate it.

Best regards

Re: Acrobat Picker install check box is grayed out  Topic is solved

PostPosted: 2013-01-08 15:03
by Patrick Hilt
Hello everybody,

the picker for Acrobat XI is fixed in Citavi 3.3.4 beta (
Please install the beta version until the release of Citavi 3.4 if you have a version prior to 3.3.4 and if the Acrobat picker does not work.

Best regards