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Accessing non-free databases via proxies

PostPosted: 2012-12-06 16:14
by skittle
System information: [ Citavi Version 3.3, Windows Vista, English, -, -, - ]


I have access to The Philosopher's Index via EBSCOHost. However, my university do not provide me with a username and password with which I can login direct on the EBSCOHost page. Instead, I have to go Sheffield's Library website and access it via that.

I end up at a page with a URL such as the following: ... Schmagency

Is there any way to have Citavi search resources which are accessed in this manner?


Re: Accessing non-free databases via proxies

PostPosted: 2012-12-07 13:13
by Jennifer Schultz
Hi Simon,

Thanks for your question! At the moment there unfortunately isn't a way to have Citavi search resources that are accessed this way. Database providers use two different forms of access to their databases. When you access the database in your web browser, the HTTP protocol is used. When you search the same database from within Citavi, the Z39.50 protocol is used.

The Z39.50 protocol supports two authentication methods: IP address verification and username and password authentication. It unfortunately doesn't allow for access via a login and password like the one on your university webpage. For this reason, our site license customers often create an encrypted settings file which users can import into Citavi so that they have the login information necessary for accessing certain databases.

We do get a lot of questions about using login services similar to the University of Sheffield, and we would like to make it easier to access subscription databases in the future. Unfortunately, I'm not sure when exactly such changes will be implemented, though, since we currently have a lot of other development priorities.

Best regards,