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Unpublished Work as @misc in Texmaker not recognize

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Unpublished Work as @misc in Texmaker not recognize

Postby Tico » 2012-09-26 11:37

System information: [ Citavi Version 3.3, Windows 7, English, Firefox 8.x - 15.x, TeX editor, Acrobat X ]

I would like to know how to correctly reference Working Papers.

Some Sites offer a Bibtex file, in which Working Paper are referenced as Technical Reports, others, reference them as "inproceedings".

Do I have to manually reference Unpublished Work (translated as @misc in Texmaker) or is there a way to do it automatically with Citavi. Still, the problem with @misc in Texmaker is that, after compiling, the citation is "undefined".


Re: Unpublished Work as @misc in Texmaker not recognize

Postby Patrick Hilt » 2012-09-27 04:00

Hello Tico,

thank you for your question.

In BibTeXing by Oren Patashnik ( you will find a document type @techreport. You can specify type = {Working Paper} as here:

author = {Edward L. Glaesar and David Laibson and Jose A. Scheinkman and Christine L. Soutter},
title = {What is social capital?: The Determination of trust and trustworthiness},
institution = {National Bureau of Economic Research Inc.},
year = 1999,
type = {Working Paper},
number = {WP 72176}.

Since there is no universally accepted set of document types, databases differ on the types they use internally and on how they export more exotic types like the Working Papers in question. I guess that is why you will find BibTeX export files where they are sometimes referenced as @inproceedings and sometimes as @misc. @misc is for everything that does not fit anywhere else, so that is not really a good solution. I guess from the error in TexMaker that your .bst style does not contain a definition for @misc, but I am not an expert in debugging LaTeX.

In Citavi, we have the document type Unpublished Work for this kind of reports, please change the type of Working Papers to Unpublished Work. You should then adapt the BibTeX export definition to map Unpublished Work to @techreport. This is done in File > Export > Export, then choose the export filter you want to change and click on Edit BibTeX export definition:


At the moment, we do not support the type = field. We are planning to add this in Citavi 4.

Hope this helped. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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Patrick Hilt
Citavi Customer Service

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